Little Maggie & Co brand reps

Do you love our products and want to help spread the word? Join #littlemaggieandcocrew and earn rewards along the way. Apply to be a brand rep. Please make sure you're following both our brand page @maggieandco , our team page for announcements at @team.maggieandco our CEO's page @littlemaggieandbros before applying

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Here are some of the benefits of becoming a brand rep

Benefit 1

You get your own code to share with followers, where they can get 20% off their order

Benefit 2

Sneak peek into new products before they are released to the public 

Benefit 3

You earn 10% commissions on any sales using your code or affiliate link. 10% commissions go on gift cards for you to get more goodies at our store 

Benefit 4

First access to new products not released yet to the public.

Benefit 5

Top influencers will be rewarded from time to time when we run contests 

Benefit 6

Special discount up to 50% off new releases so you can be one of the first to sport our new gear.