Cruise: The Maverick Harness (Black)


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Where elegance meets comfort and quality is not compromised, Maggie & Co brings you the Cruise Collection, the perfect collection for any occasion. Our Cruise Collection is made with the highest quality vegan leather, finished with the most beautiful metal finishes
D-ring available at the front and back. Leashes can be used as regular or hands free. 

Harness sizing:
XXXS - 5.5-10” Chest: 8-11”
XXS - Neck: 7-10” Chest: 9-14”
XS - Neck: 7-14” Chest: 12-19”
S - Neck: 11- 16” Chest: 17-25”
M - Neck: 17-21”   Chest: 20-28” 
L- Neck: 18-23”   Chest: 25-35”

Accessories available for purchase separately in set include: Leash, bag and Sailor bow  
- Bag: 4” x 3”
- Leash as a normal hand held 
Length: 98”   Width: 1” 
- Leash as a hands free over the shoulder leash 
Length: 75” Length from waist: 50” Width:  1”
- Sailor Hair Bow or Bow Tie: 5” x 6”  with velcro straps to attach to collar

Other accessories available for purchase separately 
- Jumbo Hair Bow: 5” x 3.5”with alligator clip 
- Jumbo Bow Tie: 5” x 3.5” with velcro straps to attach to collar
- Mini Hair Bow: 3” with alligator clip